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Mainly because I got these boys to accompany me. 

Okay, I lied. I'm busy, I'm lazy, and I've got a million other reasons that I don't think is necessary to be written because I'm not adding anyone anyway 
Graphics and every other media are unlocked or at ashitanomelody. Have a nice day.

p/s: I'm a retired JUMP, News, KAT-TUN, and Shokura fan. I'm into Arashi, V6 and Tokio these days. But mostly Arashi, mostly Sho. 

Hi fandom world.
Yuto's eyes as the userpic because he's the main reason I'm in JE fandom.

Anyway, I feel like I'm drifting faaaarrr away from this fandom. Not that I don't have any interest anymore, I do, but life has been crazy this year, plus with my internet connection... I've been travelling from one place to another too much to actually have a place that I can call home. (And no, I don't have any family problems, it's just me; having to be all over the place LOL) 

In short, I don't know anything about fandom. No Arashi, no dramas, no variety shows, no.... nothing. I do mention here and there that I missed subbing and wanted to come back, but no such luck yet. 

But somehow, I think I know I'll be back. When....? Even I can't say for sure.

Thanx for the all crazy chats, flailings, excessive laughter, no-sleep nights, and the entirely another view of the world in general. And of course, the friends I've found here, whether I've met you or not, whether I've talked to you once or talked to you almost everyday. I'm honestly glad to say that I'm part of this fandom :)

p/s: NOOOO, I'm not saying goodbye. This is an elaborate way to say: I'm on hiatus. Again. LOL

Hi, people. *waves awkwardly*

I'm still alive, I still check my f-page. Sorry for not wishing you people birthdays or giving comments on your entry. I've become the socially awkward penguin. LOL

Anywayyy, quick update. Done with diploma, and I decided to continue degree. But I got a job, near my place, (proper, permanent office job so degree might come waaay later) after two weeks of suffering at home.

Why suffer? Because for two whole weeks, I did nothing but eat, sleep, on the laptop. And I'm currently doing a marathon on Leverage, all the way from season one. :D

I might get back to subbing anytime soon after I get a new computer, and I'll catch on downloads and fandom once my house has proper internet. (I've moved, yet again)

p/s Decided not friend-lock this because... well, just because. Anyway, if you see my first post about not adding friends, PM me if you really want to be friends, or just follow at me at Twitter, I'm always there :)


Or in English, Eid Mubarak. ( ^ν^)


(Don't be fooled by how I look today. It's a once in a year facade. LOL)


(And geh, cousin bragged about his iPhone but the photo has really low resolution. So it may not look pretty. ( ・∀・))</p>

First day as kindergarten teacher and I'm nervousss. Honestly, I know how to take care of kids, but I doubted I have patience to teach. *.*
I'm worried and I have to wake up at six and it's midnight and I can't sleep because I'm too nervous. Screw sleep, then.
Wish me luck! Because I've grown incoherent LOL

'Almost' end of semester break.
I think I shouldn't be bothered by things I'm not sure of. Whether I'll get to continue degree in whatever I want, friends/ people's feelings/ thoughts about myself. And whatever will happen in the future. I have no way of knowing of them, so why worry? I think I spend two months of semester break worrying about this. And without knowing it, the semester break is almost over. There's like... a week and half left? Class will start on June 11th, so I'll be back around 9th or 10th. Or later than 11th, depending on when my class timetable. (I think I've mentioned this before, I'll only have one class and one consultation hour with lecturer every week).

So I'm going to start new semester with a positive attitude by less worrying (I can't stop worrying after all LOL), less talking rubbish (I always ended up saying things I'm not supposed to say...), and giving my all for assignments (think I've already did XD).

p/s I'm working next semester and I'll be buying an Alienware! (Insya Allah :D) Can't wait to start subbing again! (Because I killed the laptop that I use to do subbing job and I'm living of a netbook now... TT___________TT)

New layout!
New layout and profile 
Although I think people who commented on yesterday's post have seen it already.

New layout feels brighter, but veeee~ry simple. Originally there's no red, but it was pink and I hate pink. So I change the whole colour to Arashi colour. Colourful but still very simple. But my first thought when I saw my layout was: I feel like I'm in kindergarten page LOL And my profile is a bit dull. Compared to my layout anyway. 

Next I'll work on some new userpics and my Blogger's layout. IF I have the will to do so anyway  

I need new userpics
Sorry, unrelated subject but the truth. I was amusing myself, checking LJ's homepage and saw the language poll. I said I'm fluent in 3-5 languages, which is a bit of a lie LOL

I speak Malay and English fluently, and somehow okay Japanese XD But I suck in kanji, and can read only a few of them. Malay and English are like my native tongue already (lied again, only Malay is my native language). I learned other languages since I was in kindergarten, and after seven years learning Arabic, none of it are stuck in my head. *wonder why*

I think the reason I can understand Japanese (somewhat) is because I keep watching and listening to it. I don't have anyone to talk in Japanese, so I don't really speak it, but watching the shows, or just listening to radio, I can make out what they're saying. Maybe that's why I still can't understand Arabic. I learned them (without enthusiasm is one thing) but didn't exactly listen and try to understand it without the help of dictionary and such.

I want to learn Mandarin (and French/ Italian if possible) and take my revenge on Arabic. Mandarin is basically for future reasons, and Arabic is basically religious reasons XD Maybe taking extra language classes when I'm taking degree? Or classes when I'm free from work? I think I still want to learn and attend classes for things that I like even when I'm working.

But then again, we'll see what kind of job I'll be doing when I'm done with university :)

p/s BW screening was awesome, but I didn't get a lot of friends because I arrived late and leave early :(

(no subject)
Cousin Whatsapp me this afternoon to ask about my flight. Which reminds me, I have about three days of internet connection left :o

But! I still have about two weeks of semester break left. Class will starts on June 11th. Notice the singular form? Yes, only one class for next semester. I actually have two subjects, Translations and Professional Project, but the project (which is when we organise an event) only need us to have consultations with the lecturer about once a week, so I only have one three hour class each week for the whole semester. XD

Two months at home, I managed to complete some things. I sew, download, watch, bake and eat a lot. I sew some things for my sister and brothers, downloaded and watched a lottttt of things. Talk shows, music shows, dramas and movies. I've completed C and D no Arashi among others :D I bake cookies and bread, but mostly bread because I don't eat rice everyday. (Despite being Malaysian... ^^;;)

Next semester is tough but I'll try my best! (Despite having only one two subjects...)

My pillow is almost done! I only need to buy the stuffing and sew the hole next. But then again, not going out until weekend, so here's the 95% completed work:

:)Collapse )